JRS Provides Home-based Healthcare in the Community
07 November 2018

Healthcare workers assist Papa Serge with dialysis.

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international organization which aims to accompany, serve, and advocate for refugees and asylum seekers. One program area at JRS South Africa is a home-based healthcare program, where a team of eight JRS Healthcare Workers visit clients in their homes regularly, administer medications, and advocate for clients in the healthcare system. Papa Serge is one of many patience taken care of by the JRS home-based healthcare team.

Papa Serge was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2016. Prior to his diagnosis, he was admitted to Helen Joseph Hospital and experienced strong xenophobia when health professionals told him “we don’t treat foreigners”. He was transferred to Johannesburg Hospital where he received a proper diagnosis and care. At first, he was not able to breathe, bath, cook, or sleep well.

Through the help of JRS home-based healthcare, Papa Serge is supported, medicated and monitored throughout the day. As he is at the End-stage of kidney diseases, Papa Serge relies on dialysis, a process of removing excess water, solutes and toxins from the blood. JRS Healthcare Workers visit Papa Serge four times a day, Monday through Thursday. They help with the dialysis process, change his bandages to avoid infection, check his blood pressure, and make sure everything is well with him.

Due to his illness, Papa Serge is not able to work. JRS supports him financially by providing for his rent, food, medication, and transport to medical appointments. It hasn't been an easy ride, but in everything papa Serge has always been optimistic and sees life in a positive way. He expressed that he appreciates the care, love and patience he receives from the JRS Healthcare workers.

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