South Africa: Fulfilling JRS’ Mission through Communication
05 September 2018

JRS staff members learn the basics of Communications.

Johannesburg, 2 August 2018--JRS South Africa held an informative communications workshop for all of its staff. The goal of the workshop was to equip all staff with the necessary skills to share their clients stories, making the world more aware of the challenges and experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in South Africa. Sarah Garwood, JRS South Africa’s Intern Advocacy and Communications Officer, gave an impressive talk on the proper ways to use social media, how to take beautiful and thought-provoking pictures, and how to write articles that respect our clients stories. She emphasized the importance of a strong online presence, explaining that in order to honor our promise to accompany, serve and advocate we need to ensure that we are making our clients stories known.

An important aspect of the workshop centered around the theme of consent and how to write articles and share pictures in such a way as to protect our clients’ privacy and ensure their safety. Our clients hail from many different countries and many different cultural backgrounds, ensuring that we are sensitive to peoples’ cultural customs and experiences when we tell their stories is an important part of JRS’ promise to serve our clients.

Ms. Garwood emphasized the importance of engaging with the public through our social media platforms and website. Engaging with partner organizations in South Africa and across the world, who aim to better the conditions for refugees on a global scale, will only increase our reach and our capacity to advocate for our clients. Our programs and impact are stronger when we work together.

It is our hope that telling our clients’ stories will bring awareness to the nuanced struggle that is being a refugee or asylum seeker in South Africa. Every JRS worker, from those providing healthcare services to those advocating to preserve the right to education, now has the tools that they need to make the public aware of their clients’ stories and the work that they are doing to change their client’s lives.

Kiara Soobrayan

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer Intern, JRS South Africa

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