South Africa: JRS Hosts Health Workshop on Cancer and HIV
03 August 2018

Sister Monica, of the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), speaks at the workshop.

Johannesburg, 3 August 2018-- This month, JRS and its partners hosted a health workshop at  Kingsmead Christian Fellowship (KCF) Church, attended by over 275 people in the community. There were presentations on HIV self-screening, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. The workshop also included opportunities for vital screenings, pap smears, prostate cancer screenings, and HIV testing.

Lee-Anne Reddy, missionary at KCF Church, kicked off the event, empowering people in attendance to make positive choices for their own health. She shared an inspirational video and introduction to set the tone for the event. Xolisani Phika, of Bez Valley Clinic, followed her, educating the community about the early warning signs of prostate and cervical cancer. Bez Valley offered participants the opportunity to have pap smears, prostate cancer screenings, and vital screenings at the end of the program.  “We may not give you everything,but what we have,we give you”, Xolisani said.

Mpumelolo Sibanda, of the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute, came with the mission  to introduce new HIV Self-Screening technology. He and his team spoke about the importance of knowing your HIV status, and demonstrated how to use the self-screening kit. These take-home kits were made available, free of charge, to participants. Our third speaker, Sister Monica from the Cancer Association of South Africa, spoke about differents types of cancer, the importance of getting checked at the clinic, and  how to reduce cancer risks. Participants were engaged and asked questions about the healthy living tips Sister Monica shared.

The final speaker, Sehorane Lehlomela, Project Director of JRS South Africa, spoke about JRS and the services we offer to our clients. JRS community health workers, Amita and Tshika, also introduced themselves and shared about their experiences in the field, offering care to clients.

To close the event, KCF Ministries,  WASP Community Services, Mpilo Royal College of Health Education, and JRS South Africa offered participants a meal and the opportunity for vital screenings, pap smears, prostate cancer screenings, and HIV testing. A special thanks to all our partners, and all those who participated in this health workshop to make it a success.

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