South Africa: JRS Healthcare Workers Provide Vital Care
30 July 2018

JRS healthcare workers provide care for patients in their homes.

Johannesburg, 30 July 2018--One of the most damning problems facing refugees in South Africa is an inability to access adequate healthcare services. Despite the fact that the South African constitution affirms the rights of refugees to access the same health services that South African citizens are entitled to, many refugees report being denied access to healthcare at clinics. JRS provides a number of healthcare services to aid refugees in dealing with this problem. Our team of advocates and healthcare professionals advocates on behalf of our clients to ensure that clinics fulfill their responsibility to treat all peoples equally.

On top of providing advocacy services, JRS provides at-home care to chronically-ill patients. Every week, the health workers at JRS go from house to house providing personalized care to our clients. Our chronic clients range in age and illness, but many of them seek treatment for disabilities and illnesses that they have had since infancy or childhood. Healthcare workers will tend to their clients regularly, bringing medicine, providing cleaning services to patients who are immobile, bathing clients, providing psycho-social support and pastoral care, as well as administering treatment when necessary.

In the past few days, the monitoring and evaluation officers accompanied the healthcare workers to assess the care that we provide our clients. The results were overwhelming, patients emphasized the extent to which they rely on the health services that JRS provides. They explained that JRS provides lifesaving services, bringing hope and companionship with them when they arrive. In one of the twenty four homes that we visited, the mother of six explained that without JRS’s aid she wouldn’t be able to afford nappies for her son, whose disability has rendered him immobile. The health workers embody the core spirit of JRS in the work that they do.

JRS would like to thank its healthcare workers for the time, love and energy that they put into their work on a day to day basis. We would also like to acknowledge the contribution of our donors, without whom this work would not be possible.

Kiara Soobrayan

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer Intern, JRS South Africa

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