Other JRS Publications
This section provides access to a variety of publications from Jesuit Refugee Service and its various offices worldwide. You can find annual reports; Servir our quarterly magazine on issues affecting refugees and forcibly displaced persons and; books, research reports and other material by JRS.

Side by Side: learning what accompaniment is all about
The essays and reflections in these pages are full of insights but they are not the last word on the subject. Far from it: their real aim is to encourage you, as a JRS team member, to step deeper into the world of accompaniment, to reflect on your own experience and to share your insights with others. This book is only a means to this end. The measure of its success will be how far it manages to stimulate new ways of thinking about and appreciating accompaniment, and of making it more than ever an integral part of our mission.
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Working with Urban Refugees
Scholars and practitioners alike have noted the rapid increase in the urbanization of forced migration during the first decade of the twenty-first century. Today more than half the world’s refugees live in urban areas, as opposed to camps and rural settings. This percentage is likely to grow in the coming years in line with the global urbanization trend affecting developing countries in particular.

As one would expect, the activities of JRS reflect this trend: many of its programs — especially in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa — are now located and implemented in major urban centers.

What may come as a surprise is that, from its inception in 1980, Jesuit Refugee Service has always hosted projects in urban areas.
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